Types of hearing aids

CEENTA uses only the highest quality products available in the hearing aid industry. Our experience has helped us select the best and most reliable hearing aids in the market. Among the major manufacturers, we use MicroTech, Oticon, Phonak, Resound, and Widex. All the major hearing aid brands we carry offer rechargeable hearing solutions and alternative streaming, including Bluetooth, MFi (made for iPhone), and MFA (made for all phones) technology. These devices stream sound from places you need it from most in your life, including your TV, smartphones, and tablets. This allows you to personalize your hearing aid experience, driven by power as convenient and as easy to charge as your cell phone.

Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids have the highest degree of programmability as they use only digital electronics. They are designed to process sounds to provide audibility and comfort in a range of environmental situations. There is a range of levels in technology.

The best hearing aid choice for any patient will depend on various factors including individual hearing loss, physical ear structures, lifestyle, and cosmetic or appearance preferences. Our hearing care professionals work with each patient and their family to determine the amplification system most appropriate for them.

Our audiology department also offers implantable hearing aids, cochlear implants and hearing aid batteries.

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