Voice tests in Charlotte, NC

In order to determine which voice disorders, if any, you may have a voice specialist will discuss your voice problems, vocal needs, activities, and medical and voice-use history.

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Voice Evaluations and Tests

  • Laryngeal Videostroboscopy
    Example of a voice and vocal evaluation in Charlotte, NCVideostroboscopy provides a view of your vocal folds and larynx. A special light and camera capture and digitally record a slow motion version of the rapid vocal fold movement during voicing, speaking or singing.
  • Aerodynamic and Acoustic Analysis
    As you speak and extend sounds into a microphone, these instruments translate the sound into such factors as hoarseness levels, pitch, and loudness providing both a visual and numerical screen display. This allows a voice specialist to determine how well your systems of voice production are functioning and the severity levels of your hoarseness.
  • Nasometry
    Impaired voice quality may be a result of impairment in the functioning of the soft palate, which may in turn cause speech to sound either hyponasal or hypernasal. This sometimes occurs in adults with neurological conditions, but is most often seen in children who have been born with a cleft palate or velopharyngeal incompetence (VPI). It can also be due to mis-learning of the production of some speech sounds. Nasometry measures the amount of sound moving through the nose during speech and during the production of specific speech sounds and compares this to normal levels.

CEENTA has voice & swallowing specialists in SouthPark and Concord who are trained in the most up-to-date diagnosis techniques and treatment options, including voice evaluations.

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