Hearing Aid Styles for Every Lifestyle

Hearing aids come in a large variety of styles with a wide range of technology. Hearing aids are selected based on the individual hearing needs of each person, based on their lifestyle. Not all hearing solutions are suitable for all hearing losses or all lifestyles. Final selection is decided together with your audiologist.

Extended Wear Hearing Aid Style:

Extended wear hearing aids sit invisibly in the ear canal for 8-10 weeks at a time. These are an excellent solution for patients with active lifestyles, tinnitus, or for those who do not want to fuss with hearing aids on a daily basis.

Extended Wear Hearing Aid

In the Ear Hearing Aid Styles:

Invisible in the Canal: These hearing aids sit invisibly in the ear canal.

Completely in the Canal: These fit entirely within the ear canal.

In the Canal: These sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl. They are larger than those that sit completely in the canal, and can hold additional technology and larger batteries.

Full Shell or In the Ear: These sit flush with the outer ear bowl. They use a larger battery and can fit additional technology.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aid Styles:

Receiver in Ear: These models have the speaker incorporated in the ear tip instead of the main body of the hearing aid.

Mini Behind-the-Ear: These are designed to hide behind the outer ear, and the ultra-thin tubing sits in the ear canal.

Behind the Ear with Ear Mold: These hearing aids are larger and can hold more features and technology.

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