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It’s November, and you know what that means: Thanksgiving and holiday festivities are right around the corner. We know that with everything going on it can be easy to forget everything you’ve learned about staying healthy. So, let us help you by rounding up some of the food-related topics we’ve covered:

A little girl eats turkey

Does turkey really make you sleepy?

It’s not entirely true that the tryptophan in turkey will make you want to take a nap. There are many dietary factors that contribute to the post-meal nap you want to take.

Healthy vegetables

Eating healthy for your eyesight

Vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids have plenty of health benefits for your eyesight. Make sure you don’t fill up on turkey and you leave room for something that will help keep your vision clear.

Good foods for your hearing health

Have you heard about these healthy foods?

A healthy diet can help your hearing, too. Consider some more healthy side dishes when preparing your holiday menus.

Healthy foods for diabetics

Delicious meals for diabetics

Does someone in your family have diabetes? Make sure they don’t miss out on the festivities by considering some of these healthy alternatives for them.

Cooking safely in the kitchen

How do I keep my eyes safe in the kitchen?

Nothing would ruin your holiday, or any day, by injuring your eyes while preparing food. Protecting your eyes from irritation, hot oil, and injuries will make your holidays so much happier for everyone.

We hope this information helps you plan a healthy Thanksgiving and kick off a happy holiday season.

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