Woman with cataracts who may have her hobbies and life affected

How do cataracts change your daily habits?

Oct 19, 2021

When you develop cataracts, your lifestyle can change dramatically. Sometimes, they can affect many of your body's other functions.

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Scleral contact lenses compared to traditional glasses and contacts

Your Go-To Guide for Scleral Lenses

Oct 11, 2021

When looking for the best way to correct your vision, you might find that traditional glasses and contacts do not work as well as you had hoped. Maybe you should consider specialty contacts like scleral lenses.

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Family eating healthy food to improve their eyesight.

Eat right for better sight

Oct 04, 2021

Changing your diet may change the way you view the world.

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A woman wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day to protect her eyes

Can your eyes be damaged on a cloudy day?

Sep 22, 2021

Do clouds offer your eyes full protection from the sun?

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Football player being tackled and at risk of concussion.

The impact of concussions on your eyes

Sep 17, 2021

Concussions from sports and day-to-day activities can have serious effects, but do you know how they can make your vision worse?

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Eye color can change

Can your eyes change colors?

Sep 07, 2021

Have you ever thought about what you would look like with a different eye color?

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