Woman placing contact lens in her eye

Stop These Habits When Taking Care of Your Contacts

Nov 18, 2021

Contact lenses can be a great way to correct your vision without worrying about losing or breaking your glasses. However, they come with their own set of precautions that you should take, especially if you want to maintain your eye health.

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Woman scratching itchy eyes, it is one of many pink eye symptoms

The Facts and Fiction About Pink Eye

Nov 05, 2021

Despite being a common condition, there a lot of myths surrounding pink eye. When dealing with this type of eye infection, it’s important to know what’s fact and what’s fiction.

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Woman holding camera, similar to retina care

Your Eye is a Camera, Treat it Like One

Oct 29, 2021

Your eye is very much like a camera. Just like a new one, you need to treat it properly with retina care.

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Family celebrating Halloween with proper eye and ear care

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Ready This Halloween

Oct 27, 2021

Want to make the most of your Halloween night? Here's a few tips on how to keep your eyes and ears healthy while celebrating.

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Man dealing with eye twitches

Why Does Your Eye Twitch?

Oct 25, 2021

Eye twitches can have multiple causes that range from mild to severe, but there are solutions available for you at CEENTA.

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Woman with cataracts who may have her hobbies and life affected

How do cataracts change your daily habits?

Oct 19, 2021

When you develop cataracts, your lifestyle can change dramatically. Sometimes, they can affect many of your body's other functions.

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