A woman's eyes water when tired

Originally written May 21, 2020

It’s late, you’re tired, and as you start yawning your eyes start to tear up. Why is that? Why causes your eyes to water when you're tired?

What are tears?

Your tears are a clear liquid made mostly of water, which are produced by the lacrimal glands (tear glands) to keep your eyes hydrated. They also help protect your eyes from infections and foreign invaders. 

Why do my eyes water when I’m tired?

The answer is actually fairly simple. When you are tired, your eyes will struggle to stay open. However, the more you keep them open, the drier they get which can lead to itching and discomfort. Fortunately, your body produces basal tears to counter this. Basal tears are made of protein, water, oil, and mucus. These tears form a thin layer over your eyes to help keep them moist and help you see clearly, especially if you are wearing contact lenses.

The connection between yawning and watery eyes

So why do you produce more tears when you yawn? Well, on top of the need to fight the dryness, when you yawn you close your eyes tight and sometimes put pressure on the lacrimal glands, where tears are produced. While tears normally drain into the puncta – tiny openings in your eyelids – your closed eyes prevent this proper drainage, leading to tears.

If you’re tired and your eyes feel watery, don’t worry. It’s not because you’re sad or have something caught in your eye. It just means it’s time for a good night’s sleep.

Care for your eyes

Sometimes your eyes may not be watery at all, which can be a symptom of dry eye. If you're experiencing dry eye, eye infections, or just need an update to your prescription, CEENTA’s eye doctors are available in more than a dozen locations in North and South Carolina to make sure your eyes are healthy and seeing as best they can, whether you’re wide awake or about ready to go to sleep.

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor. Would you like an appointment with our eye doctors? You may schedule an appointment online or through myCEENTAchart


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July 13, 2020

I’m in need of an appointment for my yearly eye exam. But I’m not going to wear a mask. Is this mandatory to see Dr. Sabo?
- Douglas Butler.

July 14, 2020

Good morning. Masks are mandatory in all our offices.
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