Reading in the dark

With review and feedback from CEENTA Optometrist Kelly Doty, OD (Blakeney, Steele Creek)

It’s getting late, but you’re almost to the end of your book and you just can’t put it down. In the back of your mind, though, you remember being told that reading in the dark can damage your eyes. But is that true?

What can nighttime reading do to my eyes?

If you’re reading without adequate light, yes, you can cause eyestrain. Your eyes have to work harder to see in the dark, and as a result they get tired quicker. The symptoms of eyestrain include sore, tired, burning, itching, watery, or dry eyes; blurry vision; a headache; a sore neck or shoulders; and light sensitivity.

Kelly Doty, OD

Will reading in the dark cause permanent eye damage?

Fortunately, those age-old warnings aren’t true. Once your eyes have a chance to relax, they will no longer feel strained. Also, your vision won’t worsen just because you’ve been reading in poor light, CEENTA Optometrist Kelly Doty, OD, said.

How can I protect my eyes from strain?

If you don’t want your eyes to feel uncomfortable, the simplest thing to do is turn on a light. Also, make sure you blink regularly to generate tears and keep your eyes moist.

Eye care at CEENTA

If you have been having trouble with eye strain or just want to update your prescription, make an appointment at CEENTA. Our ophthalmologists and optometrists will make sure your eyes are healthy and able to read every word in all your favorite books.

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