CEENTA ophthalmologist Elliot McKee, MD, appeared on WSOC's The Daily Two on November 29, 2023, to discuss eye misalignment, strabismus, and blurry vision. Learn more about this condition and schedule you or your child's consultation with Dr. McKee at our SouthPark and Belmont offices today through our online scheduling platform or myCEENTAchart.

Transcript of the Interview

Laura Palka: The Daily Two is brought to you by Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates.

Welcome to The Daily Two, I'm Laura Palka. Well, maybe you've suffered from blurry or double vision, but how do you know if it's something you should really be concerned about? Joining us today is ophthalmologist Dr. Elliot Mckee, and he has some great information for us. First of all, what causes double vision blurriness?

Dr. Elliot McKee: Double vision is a sign that the eyes are not working together, and especially this occurs in adults who have grown up through life having eyes that do work together. And the double vision can be really concerning. It definitely affects driving, it affects all activities of daily life, even watching TV.

Laura: So is this something that can be treated surgically or can you handle it non-surgically?

Dr. McKee: The first step is to see your eye doctor to figure out the underlying cause. Once we determine a cause for the misalignment, we can determine if some glasses with special lenses or possibly surgical options can be used to help relieve the symptoms.

Laura: Are there other symptoms of eye misalignment we should watch out for?

Dr. McKee: Well, eye misalignment can be very noticeable to other people, makes it hard to make eye contact with others. They think you might be looking somewhere else, and for that reason a lot of patients seek our help.

Laura: And I know you work out of the South Park and the Belmont offices and you offer some some special clinic days, correct?

Dr. McKee: Yes, I have special clinic days for adults dealing with strabismus or other eye misalignment issues in the South Park office.

Laura: So if someone is interested in coming to see you just call and and make an appointment. What kind of test do you do at those clinics?

Dr. McKee: We would do all the parts of a normal eye exam including checking for glasses, testing the eye muscles, and figuring out what each eye is seeing. And then after we've done that, we can figure out how to help them work together again.

Laura: Dr. McKee, thank you so much for being here and all of the great information. If you would like to learn more about eye misalignment and the treatment options, go to the website on your screen or call the number on your screen for Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates. For The Daily Two, I'm Laura Palka.


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