Hollywood sign for celebrities and athletes who have had LASIK

Getting your vision corrected might seem like a daunting task, but millions of people in the United States have gotten eyewear, contact lenses, or corrective surgery. If you’re still hesitant to have LASIK surgery to improve your eyesight, fear not. You can join the ranks of celebrities and athletes such as:

Taylor Swift

This famous singer-songwriter revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2020 that she had LASIK eye surgery. For this profession, having strong vision is a must, especially while performing choreography in front of many bright lights.

LeBron James

In 2007, NBA superstar LeBron James underwent LASIK surgery during his tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers. His shooting percentage increased since that time, with many analysts contributing his success on the court to his improved vision.

Drew Carey

While starring in The Drew Carey Show, the titular actor and future The Price is Right host had his surgery in 2001. This career path requires strong eyesight in order to read lines, go to the correct marks during scenes, and avoid unnecessary facial expressions. Carey still wears his iconic glasses just as an accessory.

Greg Maddux

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Greg Maddux had expressed disdain for his contact lenses while he was playing. He opted for laser eye surgery in 1999 and improved his pitching success, even throwing a single hitter in his next game.

Kim Kardashian West

Some celebrities have even given their fans a glimpse into the procedure. Kim Kardashian West famously received her LASIK procedure and documented the process on her reality TV show. According to the TV star, she had poor vision since her teenage years, and underwent treatment in 2009 to correct her eyesight and remove her need for glasses.

LASIK surgery can be your path to glasses-free vision, and it all begins at CEENTA. Schedule your LASIK appointment with Dr. Lee Wiley at our Pineville and Steele Creek offices, Dr. Casey Mathys at our Belmont and SouthPark locations, or Dr. William Hammonds at our SouthPark office today.

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