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Information technology is a field where constant growth and development is necessary. While many people must switch companies to grow professionally, CEENTA finds ways for people like Systems Administrator Kelly Horton to grow professionally without needing to find new jobs elsewhere.

Kelly Horton

Ms. Horton started with CEENTA about five and a half years ago, managing the electronic health records system CEENTA used before Epic. Three years ago, she moved to the service desk.

While on the service desk she helped with hardware and software issues, manned the help desk lines, helped patients with myCEENTAchart issues, went to the different practices to do fixes and replacements, and escalated service calls when necessary.

“The service desk is the face of IT,” Ms. Horton said. “We could be going anywhere any given day to do troubleshooting, repairs, and more.”

Moving from the service desk

In early June, Ms. Horton was one of two service desk technicians promoted to the role of systems administrator. Systems administrators do more back-end, behind-the-scenes work. Ms. Horton’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, infrastructure project management, handling Epic security, Office 365 administration, and phone and network maintenance.

Ms. Horton finds her new work to be very in-depth.

“On the service desk a task could take a few minutes to an hour to fix,” Ms. Horton said. “Now it could take a few hours to a few days. I do a lot more reading, studying, and research, and I talk mostly to my teammates instead of end users.”

The ability to grow within the same company is advantageous, Ms. Horton said. For example, moving from EHR to the service desk changed her career trajectory. Doing IT service wasn’t even something she knew she would be so interested in until she started doing it.

And CEENTA provides training for those, like Ms. Horton, who move into new roles within the company.

Being able to grow at one company has been a great way for Ms. Horton to develop her career and get to know people inside and outside of her department.

“You can make a name for yourself,” Ms. Horton said. “People know who you are.”

CEENTA is hiring both service desk technicians and systems administrators. If you think either job would be right for you, check out our Careers page.


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