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A tired woman sits on her couch.

​Why do my eyelids feel tired when I’m sleepy?

Nov 14, 2018

When you can't keep your eyes open.

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A little girl uses glitter

​Can glitter damage my eyes?

Nov 12, 2018

Sparkly and scratchy.

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A woman treats her sore throat

​Why is only one side of my throat sore?

Nov 09, 2018

When just the left side or right side of your throat hurts.

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A woman sneezes

​Why does looking at light make me sneeze?

Oct 30, 2018

Try it. It may help.

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A boy has his tonsils checked.

​What do tonsils do?

Oct 19, 2018

Learn what tonsils are for.

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The Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

​Where can I see the autumn leaves?

Oct 02, 2018

It's time for leaf-peeping.

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