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A man whose ears are always clogged

​Why are my ears always clogged?

Dec 10, 2020

When your ears are always blocked.

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The Smarty Podcast

The Smarty Podcast with Dr. Zachary Cappello

Dec 08, 2020

Discussing sinusitis

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Business North Carolina and SouthPark Magazine

Two magazines, ten top doctors

Dec 08, 2020

Congratulations to our winners.

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A man with a concussion lost his smell and taste

​Losing senses with a concussion

Dec 01, 2020

Signs you shouldn't ignore.

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People have their favorite Thanksgiving dishes

​Our favorite Thanksgiving dishes

Nov 24, 2020

What we'll eat this week.

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A woman breathes through her nose

How best to breathe through your nose

Nov 11, 2020

Take a deep breath.

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