Dr. Nicholas Abt on WCNC's Charlotte Today discussing thyroid health

CEENTA head and neck cancer surgeon Nicholas Abt, MD, appeared on WCNC's Charlotte Today on April 26, 2023 to discuss thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, and overall thyroid health. Learn more about your treatment options at CEENTA and schedule your next appointment with Dr. Abt by calling 704-295-3000. 

Transcript of the Interview

Mia Atkins: For this morning, in our health Spotlight we're joined by Dr. Nick Abt, a CEENTA head and neck cancer surgeon who will be discussing the thyroid, thyroid disorders, and thyroid nodules. So let's just go ahead and start with this question here how important is your thyroid to your overall health?

Dr. Nicholas Abt: The thyroid is very important to your overall health. It's a gland located in the bottom of the neck and controls hormones that regulate your temperature, your body function, your weight, and many other things throughout the body.

Mia: Right, and what are some of the common disorders that people see you when it's related to the thyroid?

Dr. Abt: You can have an overactive or an underactive thyroid, which is hyper or hypothyroidism. You can also develop nodules in the thyroid which can become a problem.

Mia: And can you go into more detail about that? Because I feel like, you know myself included, I'm not really sure what that means there.

Dr. Abt: Sure, so thyroid nodules are little masses or growths inside of the thyroid glands. Most of them are benign, over 95 percent of them are benign. But they can be thyroid cancer as well. And that's what we help to figure out.

Mia: And so, what does a diagnosis look like when it comes to thyroid issues? I mean, what's the process that they're going to go through when they come to see you guys?

Dr. Abt: So, when they come to see us, they get a complete evaluation. So, they get an ultrasound and potentially a biopsy if the ultrasound warrants that. We also take a look at the vocal cords with a little camera to make sure that those are not affected, and we can also draw labs as well to check the blood function.

Mia: Right, and I mean this can be kind of a scary thing for a lot of people. Of course, you guys are going to make this easy and walk them through every single part of it. So, tell us where we can find more information. You're at the SouthPark office, right?

Dr. Abt: Yes, so we're at CEENTA SouthPark which is located in SouthPark, okay, and we have all these things available in our clinic and we go through this. We go through the complete evaluation with you. We can show your pictures, we show you the biopsy results when you come back two weeks later, and really walk you through the whole process.

Mia: Right and people can go to your website to find more information and see all the locations as well, right?

Dr. Abt: Yes, our website has good information on this as well as all thyroid disorders, thyroid nodules, and the whole process that we take you through.

Mia: Wonderful, well thanks so much for all this great information today!

Dr. Abt: Thank you.


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