Dr. Hayley Klein on WSOC Daily Two discussing pediatric eye exams

CEENTA Ophthalmologist Dr. Hayley Klein, MD appeared on WSOC's Daily Two on August 18th, 2021 to discuss why it's important to schedule pediatric eye exams for your children. To learn more, visit our pediatric eye care page.

Transcript of the Interview: 

Laura Palka: The Daily 2 is brought to you by Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates. Welcome to the Daily 2. I'm Laura Palka. Well, so many students spent all last year online staring at computer screens. That can lead to vision problems, and joining us today is pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Haley Klein. Doctor thanks for being here. What are pediatric vision screenings, and why are they so important after last year and all that screen time?

Dr. Hayley Klein: So vision screenings are tests that are performed usually by the schools and by pediatricians to look for any kind of eye problems that there might be for kids that the parents may or may not have been able to notice. So looking at things like the vision in both of the eyes, not just them together but looking at them individually, also looking for glasses or alignment issues. So the pediatricians and the schools perform these and if there's ever any questions then the child just needs an eye exam by a pediatric eye provider.

Laura: So if they do fail their exam, what will the provider do?

Dr. Klein: So what we end up doing is a comprehensive eye exam that's geared towards the age of the child. So children's eye exams are very different than adult eye exams. We're looking for different problems and also making a little bit more fun for the kids, but we're looking at everything from the vision to the alignment how the eyes are used together. we're also checking for glasses and looking at all the anatomy to make sure everything looks nice and healthy inside the eyes.

Laura: What tips do you have for students and parents staring at screens all day?

Dr. Klein: Staring at screens can definitely be very stressful for the eyes. It can make the eyes dry, it can make them uncomfortable, it can also create a lot of eye strain. So taking frequent breaks is always a good idea.

Laura: And real quick, online scheduling in your new office.

Dr. Klein: Yes, so we have an online scheduler that can be used for all of the CEENTA offices, and particularly at Fort Mill where I'm located, which is our newest office.

Laura: Alright, brand-new office out there in Fort Mill. Thanks for joining us, doctor. For more information, call the number on your screen or to schedule an appointment go to wejustmakesense.com. For the Daily 2 I'm Laura Palka.


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