Dr. Kashyap Kansupada on WSOC's The Daily Two discussing implantable contact lens surgery

CEENTA ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon Kashyap Kansupada, MD, FACS, appeared on WSOC's Daily Two on November 30, 2022 to discuss implantable contact lens surgery. Learn more about this procedure and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kansupada at our Belmont or Huntersville offices.

Transcript of the Interview:

Laura Palka: The Daily Two is brought to you by Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates. Well, imagine the benefits of contact lenses without having to put them in and remove them every day. Today, we're joined by ophthalmologist Dr. Kashyap Kansupada to talk about implantable contact lens surgery. Thanks for being here. How does it work?

Dr. Kashyap Kansupada: Thank you for having me. Yeah, the implantable contact lens, also known as the implantable collamer lens or ICL, is an outpatient procedure. Just takes a few minutes, you can see an image of the implant there to the left, and essentially, we roll it up like a scroll and insert it in the eye and it sits right behind the pupil there and in front of the natural lens.

Laura: How is this different from LASIK surgery, which many of us have had?

Dr. Kansupada: Yeah, laser vision correction involves taking the cornea, the front layer of the eye, reshaping it and taking a little bit of tissue there in order to achieve that goal either with a flap or without a flap. Both patients are able to see very well, where 90% of patients in both categories see 20/20, and both patients enjoy high degrees of satisfaction.

The ICL procedure, since it doesn't disturb the cornea, allows patients to have clear vision, especially at night with little less glare or halos. It also does not cause dry eyes.

Laura: Who's a candidate for this procedure?

Dr. Kansupada: Pretty much anyone between the age of 21 and 45, and pretty much a healthy eye. We can use any patients with dry eyes.

Laura: And what can patients expect after the surgery? Do you immediately see clearly?

Dr. Kansupada: Pretty much, most people are back to normal activities in 24 hours and to just use drops for a couple weeks.

Laura: Alright, Doctor, thank you so much. I know you're doing the procedure at the Belmont and Huntersville offices, correct?

Dr. Kansupada: Correct.

Laura: Alright, we appreciate all of your great information today, and if you would like to learn more about implantable contact lens surgery, call the number on your screen or go to WeJustMakeSense.com. For the Daily Two, I'm Laura Palka.


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