Susan Yanik, MD, on Charlotte Today discussing rhinoplasty procedures and nose jobs

CEENTA facial plastic surgeon Susan Yanik, MD, talked about rhinoplasty on WCNC's Charlotte Today on May 10, 2021. Schedule your next facial plastic procedure with Dr. Yanik at our Concord or Mooresville office today!

Transcript of the Interview:

Mia Atkins: Well, if you’re bothered by the size or shape of your nose, you may be a perfect candidate for rhinoplasty. So we’ve got Dr. Susan Yanik here with us today from Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates to tell us more about the procedure. Thank you so much for being here today.

Dr. Susan Yanik: Thank you so much for having me.

Mia: Of course. So we’re talking about all things rhinoplasty today. So that’s going to reshape and resize the nose. Right. Tell me a little bit about this procedure.

Dr. Yanik: Sure, so rhinoplasty or commonly accepted rhinoplasty can straighten a crooked nose and septum. It can reshape a wide nose to address other aesthetic and breathing concerns. So there are a few factors that can affect surgery, including the shape and size of the nose, the amount of deviation, and any prior nasal surgeries, nasal injuries, overall health.

Mia: Okay, and so if somebody maybe that’s a little bit younger is worried about their nose, what do you think a good age to do this procedure is?

Dr. Yanik: Sure, so in general girls shouldn’t undergo a rhinoplasty until about 15 or 16, boys should wait until about 16 or 18 or until they hit puberty because the nose is an important growth center of the face. Unless there’s a severe septal deviation, it’s best to wait for septal rhinoplasty until teens are done growing.

Mia: Okay, and a lot of people think of the cosmetic, the visual advantages to this, but there’s so many other things that could be affecting you that you could be a great candidate for this, so tell me about some of the other reasons people might want this procedure?

Dr. Yanik: Sure, so in addition to being a cosmetic procedure, rhinoplasties in combination with septal surgery and turbinate surgery address nasal breathing obstruction that hasn’t responded well to medications after an adequate trial. But there’s a careful balance of aesthetics in the nasal airway that are the hallmarks of this surgery.

Mia: Okay, well I think everybody out there that’s interested in this wants to know everything they need to know about what to expect. So, let’s talk about how long this surgery lasts and kind of what people can expect.

Dr. Yanik: Sure, so the surgery itself lasts about two to four hours. It’s general anesthesia in the operating room and patients return home that same day. So, while you’re in the operating room after the surgery is done, adhesive casts are placed over your nose. Plastic splints may be placed inside your nostrils and then once you’ve gone home that day, the patients will apply cold compresses to their face, limit their activity and keep their head elevated the first week after surgery.

Mia: Okay so it’s not a crazy recovery process, but I always think of the pictures that I have seen of people after they get this procedure. And you can expect a little bit of bruising and everything on your face, right?

Dr. Yanik: Absolutely. So you know that initial swelling will settle out after two to three weeks, up to a full year to see the results. So pain after the surgery is minimal. Pain medications can be prescribed. We’ll take those in combination with over-the-counter pain medications. And to your point, bruising and nasal drainage can be common the first two to three days after surgery. That’ll settle out at about 10-14 days after post op. That splint and cast will come off after about a week in clinic, and you can return home or you can return back to school or work after one week. And the physical exertion should be limited for about two weeks.

Mia: Okay, well thank you so much for being here with us today and telling us more about this, and for anyone that is interested out there, you can give them a call at 704-295-3000 or go online to Thank you so much for being here.

Dr. Yanik: Thank you so much.


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