A child gets tested for allergies at CEENTA.

​Are allergy tests the same for children and adults?

Sep 25, 2018

Do you and your child get the same test?

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Reduce the humidity in your home to keep it free of mold

​Can humidity cause allergy problems?

Aug 23, 2018

Can you get mold allergies in the summer?

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A little girl breathes through her nose

​3 possible causes for a child’s stuffy nose

May 17, 2018

Your child has been having difficulty breathing and they always have a stuffy nose. You don’t think they have a cold, but what else might be causing problems? Today we’ll cover a few of the issues any child over the age of 1 might be facing.

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A man buys medicine for his allergies

​Is it okay to self-diagnose your allergies?

Apr 26, 2018

Your nose is runny, your eyes are itchy, and you feel miserable. You’re pretty sure you have allergies. In fact, you’re confident of it, so you don’t even make an appointment with your doctor before heading to the pharmacy. But as easy as it is to self-diagnose your allergies, there are times you’ll still want to go to the doctor. Why? Read on.

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