Dr. Veena Rao on WCNC Charlotte Today to discuss cataract surgery

CEENTA ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon Dr. Veena Rao appeared on WCNC's Charlotte Today on May 25, 2022 to discuss the steps to cataract surgery. Learn more about Dr. Rao's services and schedule your next eye and cataract appointment with her at our Matthews or Monroe locations today.

Transcript of the interview:

Mia Atkins: This morning, our focus is on health, and we're shining the spotlight on our eyes. And joining us this morning is Dr. Veena Rao, an ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon from Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat Associates to help us understand what cataracts are and what you can do if you develop them.

Dr. Veena Rao: Cataracts are basically an age-related clouding or change in the natural lens in our eyes that we're born with. Cataracts are really going to be something where that clouding is bothering your vision.

Mia: And I think most people have heard of the cataract surgery, but they may not know everything that goes into it. So, walk us through the surgery process.

Dr. Rao: Cataract surgery is typically done one eye at a time. It is surgery, so it is done in the operating room. Before you get to that day, you will go into the ophthalmologist's office. You'll meet the eye doctor, they'll examine your eyes, look at the cataracts, talk you through the process and get some measurements of your eyes. On the day of surgery, then you'll come in. Typically, you'll get some medication to keep you comfortable, like an IV and a little sedation to keep you comfortable during the surgery. Surgery itself takes roughly ten minutes or so, so it's pretty quick. But basically, what we as the surgeons do issue some special instruments to access the cataract, break it up, take it out, and we put in a new man-made lens implant so you can see.

Mia: And are there different types of cataract surgery?

Dr. Rao: There are two different approaches to cataract surgery. There is what I would call the traditional approach, and then there's a laser assisted approach to cataract surgery. So traditional cataract surgery approach means we use traditional surgery instruments like blades and a machine that's kind of like an ultrasound. Now, with a laser assisted approach, what we do is we use a laser to be able to make those incisions and break up the cataract.

Mia: And is there anything that a patient should know prior to and following the procedure?

Dr. Rao: Go find a surgeon you trust, word of mouth, look people up online, find someone you trust. They'll talk you through all the steps because it is, like we mentioned, going to be a little bit different for everybody. So, the after care is pretty straightforward. I usually advise my patients after each eye, wait about a week or so to do any strenuous activities.

Mia: Well, you have multiple offices, including in Matthews and Monroe. So where can people learn more information and get in touch with you if they'd like to book this appointment?

Dr. Rao: The easiest way to reach me and us is through our website. CEENTA’s website is www.ceenta.com. Or our main phone line is 704-295-3000.

Mia: Wonderful. Thank you so much for being here with us today.

Dr. Rao: Thanks so much.


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