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With review and feedback from CEENTA ENT doctor Hunter Hoover, MD (SouthPark)

Immunotherapy can make a world of difference to patients with severe allergies. But shots aren’t the only way of getting the treatment you need. Allergy tablets could be the treatment you’re looking for.

How does immunotherapy work?

Hunter Hoover, MD

Immunotherapy is a process where you receive regular treatments to help alter your immune response to a particular allergen. This increases your tolerance to the allergen in question, usually resulting in less symptoms and medications. In addition, the benefit can potentially persist even after stopping it. The most common form of immunotherapy is allergy injections, but it’s not the only one.

“Patients should not be suffering with allergies,” CEENTA ENT doctor Hunter Hoover, MD, said. “They now have so many options for medications and immunotherapy that can be tailored to their needs.”

What are allergy tablets?

Allergy tablets are a prescription medication that you dissolve under your tongue once a day. They are available for dust mites, grass pollen, and ragweed pollen. The dust mite tablet is taken throughout the year for 3-5 years. The pollen tablet is administered daily for 3-4 months before the allergy season and continued during that season.

What are the benefits of allergy tablets?

Tablets seem to be as effective as shots but are safer, Dr. Hoover said. Their primary advantage is the ability to take them at home. Unlike with shots, no buildup is required before your regular dosage.

Do allergy tablets have any disadvantages?

Tablets are currently only available for dust mites, grass pollen, and ragweed pollen. As such, everything you are allergic to may not be treatable. Cost is another consideration.

Allergy tablets at CEENTA

If you have allergies and think immunotherapy could be right for you, schedule an appointment at CEENTA. Our doctors are more than happy to discuss if tablets will help you breathe easier.

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor. You can now schedule an appointment online with Dr. Hoover or any of our more than 40 ENT doctors in North and South Carolina. You can also schedule through myCEENTAchart or by calling 704-295-3000.


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