Girl sneezing who needs allergy testing and allergy care at CEENTA

Receiving allergy treatment shouldn’t be complicated. Luckily, CEENTA’s approach to allergy care takes just five easy steps. Your path to itch-free eyes and less sneezing includes the following:

Step 1: Make an appointment with your physician

You might have common allergy symptoms such as itchy watery eyes and nasal congestion. However, these symptoms can also be prevalent in various conditions affecting the ears, nose, and throat, so it's important to know the root cause. By scheduling with CEENTA, we can begin the process of determining whether these symptoms are actually due to allergies or other conditions such as sinusitis.

Scheduling your appointment can be done online, by calling 704-295-3000, or using your myCEENTAchart account.

Step 2: Your physician orders the allergy test

Once it’s suspected that you have allergies, your physician will order your allergy test. This test will include twenty-two allergens that could be causing your symptoms, including ragweed, mold, and pet dandruff.

Step 3: Your allergy technician provides an overview of your test

Prior to the test, your allergy technician will ask questions about your medical history that may impact your results, such as any asthma medication or antihistamines that were taken recently. They will also explain the testing process and what to expect to alleviate any concerns you may have.

Step 4: Take the test

After the overview, the allergy technician will administer the allergy test. The test is given with an applicator that pricks the skin on your forearm or back. The allergens you requested to be tested for will be on the applicator, and your skin will raise if your body has a reaction to any of them. Our allergy skin tests are done in-office and take between 45 minutes to an hour.

Step 5: Discuss treatment options with your physician

Your allergy test will give your physician insight into which allergens you are reacting to and what treatments are needed. You and your physician will work together to determine which treatment plan is best suited for you:

  • Immunotherapy shots in the office
  • Sublingual drops
  • Prescription pills that can be refilled via myCEENTAchart

After 3-6 months of medicinal buildup, your physician may sign-off on home therapy options so you can continue treatment in the comfort of your own place.

Ready to enjoy the fresh air again? Schedule your next allergy appointment with CEENTA today for pet and environmental allergy care that fits your lifestyle.

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor. New patients can make appointments online with our ENT doctors in North and South Carolina. Current patients can also make appointments through myCEENTAchart with physicians they have already seen.


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