Someone with pseudoexfoliation syndrome

With review and feedback from CEENTA Ophthalmologist Adrian Elfersy, MD (Concord, Salisbury)

Dandruff can be unsightly, but those flaky cells are on the outside of your body. Occasionally, some people have them on the inside, and they can cause harm to the eye.

Clumps of cells in your body

Pseudoexfoliation syndrome, or PXF, is when tiny clumps of protein fibers build up inside the body. While they can be found in the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and eye, the only place they are known to cause damage is the eye.

How can PXF harm my eye?

These protein fiber clumps can build up in your eye’s drainage angle, which can raise intraocular pressure and thus damage the optic nerve. This is called PXF glaucoma. Optic nerve damage can lead to vision loss and is irreversible. While glaucoma is the biggest concern, PXF has also been known to make cataracts worse.

What causes PXF?

While the exact causes are not known, it is more commonly found in people over 50, more specifically people over 70. There may also be a genetic component.

Adrian Elfersy, MD

How do I prevent PXF from causing vision loss?

Annual eye exams are key to the detection of glaucoma. An early diagnosis means you can begin treatment sooner. This can help keep your eye intraocular pressure down and prevent optic nerve damage, CEENTA Ophthalmologist Adrian Elfersy, MD, said.

Glaucoma care at CEENTA

Whether PXF is the cause of your glaucoma, or the source is something else, you still need to get care right away. The glaucoma specialists at CEENTA will work hard to keep your IOP down and your vision strong.

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor. New patients can make appointments online with our eye doctors in North and South Carolina. Current patients can also make appointments through myCEENTAchart with physicians they have already seen.


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