Dr. Lee Wiley appeared on WCNC's Charlotte Today to discuss LASIK surgery for vision loss

CEENTA ophthalmologist Dr. Lee Wiley appeared on WCNC Charlotte Today on March 8th, 2022 to discuss LASIK eye surgery to improve your vision. Ready to put your glasses to the side? Schedule your LASIK consultation with Dr. Wiley online or by using myCEENTAchart.

Transcript of the Interview:

Eugene Robinson: This morning, we're talking LASIK surgery. The benefits results, and tackling a lot of questions many people have today. We're joined by Dr. Lee Wiley, an ophthalmologist and LASIK surgeon in Pineville and Steele Creek. So, let's start with the basics, doctor. What is LASIK eye surgery?

Dr. Lee Wiley: So, LASIK eye surgery is basically when we re-sculpt the cornea with a laser to help apply the patient's glasses prescription to their own eyes to help them see independently without glasses or contacts.

Eugene: So how is that performed?

Dr. Wiley: Well, there's multiple ways to perform LASIK or laser vision correction. LASIK itself, we perform with two separate lasers. The first laser makes a very precise flap that's partial thickness of the cornea itself. I raised the flap as a surgeon, and then a second laser applies the treatment to the corneal surface underneath that flap to re-sculpt it and help the patient see better. Then after that portion is done, I put the flap back down and the patient heals up very rapidly.

Eugene: Can anyone receive LASIK?

Dr. Wiley: That's a great question. So, there is a certain criteria when we're signing up LASIK patients and assessing for candidacy. Our number one thing is we want it to be safe. And so in order to do that, we do a prescreening visit to make sure that the cornea has enough thickness so that we can sculpt enough of it in a safe manner. But if you're out there watching this and you look at your glasses prescription. Generally for a nearsighted patient, I'll do up to about a minus eight, for a farsighted patient I'll do about up to a plus three and it can correct up to about plus three units on astigmatism as well. It's great for astigmatism. So there are criteria, part of which I just discussed, but we do assess that prior to going into it so that we know your procedure will be successful if we're going to do it.

Eugene: So how long do the results last?

Dr. Wiley: The results can be considered permanent and that's very important to know. Now sometimes many years down the road, there is a little bit of drift away from that that permanent result. However, that can be treated with an enhancement if needed but consider the results permanent. They're very, very stable.

Eugene: So what should someone do before coming in for LASIK surgery evaluation?

Dr. Wiley: Before coming in for LASIK surgery evaluation, I would highly recommend staying out of your contact lenses for at least two weeks. That way, all of our preoperative measurements and assessments are accurate because the contact lens wear shortly before that appointment can sometimes interfere with our results.

Eugene: And where can people go for more information?

Dr. Wiley: For more information on LASIK, you can go to our website www.ceenta.com. And you can actually set up a basic evaluation appointment right online

Eugene: Dr. Wiley, thank you very, very much sir.

Dr. Wiley: Thanks for having me.


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