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If you’ve been having difficulty hearing, someone may have recommended you see an audiologist, also known as a hearing doctor. But before you go, you’d like to know more. Do they just test your hearing? Can they do more?

What is a hearing doctor?

Audiologists are medical professionals who test, diagnose, and treat hearing loss in babies, children, and adults. They also fit patients with hearing aids or other hearing-enhancing instruments and diagnose other hearing- and ear-related conditions.

At CEENTA, our hearing doctors also work closely with our ear, nose, and throat physicians to provide a continuity of care if more serious medical concerns are detected during a hearing exam. Unlike hearing instrument specialists, who primarily do just hearing aid fittings, audiologists can also perform full diagnostic evaluations of a patient’s complete auditory system. This means they can diagnose the cause of hearing loss and determine if it needs medical attention before the patient gets hearing aids.

How does someone become an audiologist?

After receiving an undergraduate degree, future audiologists get a master’s degree or doctorate in audiology through a graduate program. In addition to the classroom portion of the degree, the third and/or fourth year of their program involves getting hands-on experience through an externship program.

What are some of the conditions audiologists treat?

Audiologists test your hearing and help fit you with the best hearing aids for your personal needs and lifestyle. These hearing aids utilize the most up-to-date technology and are small and discreet. If your hearing loss cannot be helped with conventional hearing aids, an audiologist may consider having you fitted with cochlear implants or bone-implanted hearing systems.

Audiologists can also help test and treat you for tinnitus, commonly known as a humming, buzzing, or ringing in the ear. They can also test your balance and help diagnose dizziness issues.

How many Audiologists does CEENTA have?

CEENTA has nearly 40 audiologists.

Where can I get audiology care at CEENTA?

Audiology care is available at every one of CEENTA’s offices in North and South Carolina, except for Statesville. These include:

How can I make an appointment at CEENTA?

To schedule an appointment with a CEENTA audiologist, call 704-295-3300.

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor.


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