Jamie Scaglione, MD on WSOC Daily Two discussing acid reflux treatment

CEENTA otolaryngologist Dr. Jamie Scaglione appeared on WSOC's Daily Two on March 16th, 2022 to discuss acid reflux and LPR treatment. For acid reflux, LPR, and GERD appointments, schedule with Dr. Scaglione online or through myCEENTAchart.

Transcript of the Interview:

Laura Palka: The Daily Two is brought to you by Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates. Welcome to the Daily Two, I'm Laura Palka. Some 20% of adults suffer from acid reflux. There's also something called LPR, known as silent reflux. Joining us today to talk more about this condition is Dr. Jamie Scaglione from the Concord office. Doctor, thanks for being here. Explain to our viewers what is acid reflux.

Dr. Jamie Scaglione: Acid reflux is when the acid that the stomach produces in order to digest our food gets out of the stomach and goes up into the esophagus, which is our swallowing tube, and when it does that irritates that area.

Palka: And are there different types?

Dr. Scaglione: There are there are two different types. The most commonly known is GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, which produces the heartburn sensation. The one that we more commonly see is what we call LPR, which is laryngeal pharyngeal reflux, where the acid is getting into the throat, causing very different symptoms like a feeling that there's something stuck in your throat, chronic cough, chronic throat clearing, or even difficulty swallowing.

Palka: So can you treat any of this at home?

Dr. Scaglione: So some things that we commonly tell our patients to do is avoid foods that are big acid producers, and again most people know about like spicy foods, red sauces but other things like cheeses, high fat foods, chocolate, caffeine. Those are all things to avoid. Also, the other big one is not eating at least two-to-three hours before you go lie down to go to sleep. They can also try some over-the-counter medication, but if that's not doing enough, they can come in and see us in our Concord office where we can do a full evaluation, make sure that's what's going on, and prescribe them some medication to help.

Palka: Doctor thanks so much for joining us today. If you'd like more information about acid reflux or to make an appointment, call the number on your screen or go to WeJustMakeSense.com. For the Daily Two, I’m Laura Palka.


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