Thanksgiving food that can be smelled without nasal obstruction

This Thanksgiving, you’re going to be surrounded by a variety of scents outdoors and in the dining room. What you smell could have a noticeable effect on your day, especially when these scents can be found in some of your favorite dishes.

Cinnamon spice

The sweet, almost spicy scent of cinnamon can be found in pumpkin pie, apple tarts, and sweet potato casserole. Aside from being flavorful, cinnamon spice can be stimulating to your senses, making you less drowsy and more attentive to your surroundings.


As another dessert favorite, vanilla is used in many custards and baked goods on Thanksgiving. Some families have even experimented with using it as seasoning on their turkey. Nevertheless, vanilla can be a soothing, calming scent to have around. It’s especially useful during stressful situations (which could come in handy after a long day in the kitchen).


One of the most popular dishes on Thanksgiving is dressing to accompany the turkey. Sage is often used as an herb in dressing to add an earthy undertone to the flavor, but it does have its uses for aromatherapy. Sage as a scent is said to boost alertness, though more benefits can happen from eating it as part of the dish.


The common expression “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” may not be entirely accurate, but did you know that apples can help curb your appetite? The smell of crisp green apples has been said to reduce hunger along with making migraine symptoms more manageable.

Whether you’re enjoying them as part of a Thanksgiving meal or any time of year with candles, there’s no doubt that smelling decadent scents can elevate your day. However, sometimes that can be hampered by nasal obstruction from allergies, sinus infections, or a deviated septum. When that happens, it’s time to turn to the experts at CEENTA. Our board-certified ENT physicians can provide the personalized treatment plan you need to enjoy the holidays.

Schedule an appointment with a CEENTA otolaryngologist at one of our nearly twenty offices today, and have a happy Thanksgiving! 

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor. New patients can make appointments online with our ENT doctors in North and South Carolina. Current patients can also make appointments through myCEENTAchart with physicians they have already seen.


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