Concerts can cause hearing loss without proper hearing care

No matter if it’s at the Fillmore, the Spectrum Center, or PNC Music Pavilion, concerts in the Charlotte metro area are a great way to spend the evening. As exciting as it is to listen to an established or up and coming band, it’s important to keep your ears safe during these events so that you can truly enjoy the music. Some quick tips include:

Planning your seats accordingly

Depending on your venue and the artists on the ticket, you might have the option to be as close to the stage as possible. If you want that experience but also want to protect your hearing, it could be better to purchase your seats away from the speakers. Some locations offer lawn tickets so that you have some extra flexibility in your seating while still being involved in the performance.

Bringing ear protection

Concerts can make you prone to noise-induced hearing loss, especially with sounds exceeding the 85 decibels needed to foster this condition. With performances lasting for a few hours (or music festivals lasting a few days for the lyrically dedicated), ear protection like ear plugs can muffle the noise so that any hearing damage is minimized.

Taking periodic breaks

Given the duration of the concert, some performers take breaks in between sets. This gives your ears a much-needed rest from the constant stream of music and yelling. Additional breaks to the restroom, concession stand, or even the merchandise table can be a good way to limit your exposure.

Recognizing the signs of hearing loss

Knowing the symptoms and habits that indicate hearing loss can help guide your decisions when it comes to concerts. These include muffled sounds, lack of speech clarity, high-pitched ringing in your ears (tinnitus), leaning in closer to hear, and adjusting the volume on your TV or music device. For longtime concertgoers, this is a must to help you get the care you need while keeping you connected to your favorite hobby.

Jessa McGrath, AuD, CCC-A, F-AAA, an audiologist at our University office, offers sound advice regarding your time at the concert. "Just like exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, preventing noise exposure by lowering sound levels, limiting time spent near loud noise, and utilizing hearing protection can all reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)."

If you believe that your hearing needs proper tuning, schedule a hearing test with a CEENTA audiologist. Our team of hearing specialists can examine your ears and hearing and recommend treatment options that get you back into the crowd. Schedule your next audiology appointment with Jessa McGrath today by calling 704-295-3300 or by using your myCEENTAchart account.

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor. You can schedule an appointment with any of our audiologists in North and South Carolina through myCEENTAchart or by calling 704-295-3300.


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