A water allergy

Pollen. Grass. Mold. Peanuts. Animal dander. When you think of allergies, you’re probably thinking of one of these. But some people have far, far rarer allergies that are so unusual, we wanted to dedicate a blog to five of them.

Water allergies

Water may be the essence of life, but there are rare cases when contact with it can cause itchy, painful hives. There is no treatment for it, but skin creams can provide some relief.

Red meat allergies

No one thinks that a good steak could cause an allergy, but doctors have noted a meat allergy in people who have been bitten by the Lone Star Tick. The tick transmits a sugar molecule called alpha-gal into the person’s body, which triggers the allergy. Sadly for meat lovers, there is no known cure, although it may fade over time.

Exercise allergies

If someone bows out of going to the gym because they say they’re allergic to exercise, they may not be joking. Rare cases of exercise-induced anaphylactic shock or hives have been reported, and people with this condition need an EpiPen on hand and shouldn’t exercise on their own.

Sun allergies

No, we’re not talking about sunburn. A sun allergy is when someone develops hives after as little as 30 minutes in the sun. Fortunately, they’ll clear up after getting out of the sun. Antihistamines can also provide some relief.

Money allergies

They say money is the root of all evil, but for some people it can be the root of their allergies, too. Those people have an allergy to nickel, a common alloy used in coins. People who find their skin developing a rash after handling coins should avoid them if possible and use antihistamines and steroid creams for treatment.

Allergy care at CEENTA

You probably don’t have any of these allergies, but if you are experiencing congestion, a runny nose, or itchy eyes, you may be allergic to something outside like pollen, grass, trees, or animals. Our allergy specialists can test you for these environmental factors and will develop a treatment plan to help you breathe easy.

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor. New patients can make appointments online with our ENT doctors in North and South Carolina. Current patients can also make appointments through myCEENTAchart with physicians they have already seen.


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