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Your path to smooth skin may involve a lot of tools, but one of your most successful options is a chemical peel. However, like most things, planning your chemical peel procedure is crucial in order to achieve your desired results and maintain your comfort. The right time for you to receive this life-changing treatment could go along with the changing leaves: autumn.

What is a chemical peel?

For those new to chemical peels, this treatment is a non-invasive method performed by a physician or a licensed esthetician to remove the outermost layer of the skin. Chemical peels are often used to treat acne, fine lines, sun damage, and skin discoloration. CEENTA currently offers chemical peels at light, medium, and heavy levels based on your specific needs.

Marsha Magasrevy, a licensed esthetician at CEENTA’s SouthPark office, goes into detail about receiving multiple chemical peel treatments. “The frequency is determined by the severity of each client's skin concerns and which peel is used. Most peels can be repeated anywhere from 4-6 weeks apart. Most skin flaws and some scarring can be expected to gradually fade with each peel performed.”

Why should you receive a chemical peel in the fall?

While you can receive a chemical peel any time of year, it’s often recommended to schedule yours during the cooler months. In fact, planning your peel procedure in the fall offers many immediate and latent benefits.

Less sun exposure

Chemical peels provide substantial benefits to your skin, but they do come with a set of side effects such as skin irritation and sensitivity during the healing process. Marsha elaborates further on this by saying, “Avoiding sun and heat is going to help you during your healing process. After receiving a chemical peel treatment, your skin needs a lot of TLC (tender love and care), and that includes not getting too much sun and heat exposure. By avoiding these factors, you minimize the potential for side effects.”

Limiting your sun exposure can ensure that you heal comfortably, and with the reduced daytime hours and higher likelihood of cloud coverage the fall provides you’ll have a smoother recovery time.

More time inside

Even with the lower sun exposure, you might find yourself tempted to spend more time outside following your treatment. The fall weather can curb this enthusiasm by keeping you inside longer. The colder weather may prompt you to spend less time outside, which means even less sun exposure. If you do catch yourself going outside, the cool breeze and lower humidity can be enough to keep you comfortable.

Amanda Mackey, a CEENTA licensed esthetician who practices at our Fort Mill office, sees this time of year as beneficial for chemical peels. “Fall and winter are great "peeling" seasons. It is a great time for chemical peels to help brighten the skin from the damage done during the summer, with different strengths for all skin types. So, if you are frightened by your skin peeling in the warmer months, you can get a chemical peel now where there is no shedding.”

Right before the holidays

Perhaps you’re looking for a special occasion to unveil your new look. The holidays can be a great way to show off the new you, and by planning your chemical peel treatment in the early part of fall you should have enough time to recover before Thanksgiving or the bulk of the major holidays.

Smooth skin can be as simple as scheduling with CEENTA. Our physicians and licensed estheticians can provide chemical peel treatments based on your specific skincare goals, especially as the weather gets cooler. Schedule your next chemical peel appointment with Marsha Magasrevy in SouthPark or Amanda Mackey in Fort Mill today.


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