Dr. Catherine Cuite and Marsha Magasrevy on WCNC's Charlotte Today to discuss eyebrows, microblading, and permanent makeup.

CEENTA oculoplastic surgeon Catherine Cuite, MD, and licensed esthetician Marsha Magasrevy appeared on WCNC's Charlotte Today on June 28, 2023 to discuss eyebrows, microblading, and permanent makeup. Learn more about these esthetic services and schedule your consultation for these treatments at our SouthPark office today.

Transcript of the Interview

Eugene Robinson: Well this morning, we're joined by our friends from CEENTA's facial plastic department. We have Dr. Cuite, an oculoplastic surgeon, and Marsha Magasrevy, a licensed esthetician, and our focus today is going to be on eyebrows that nobody ever thinks about!

Marsha Magasrevy: Indeed.

Dr. Catherine Cuite: Correct, this is a fact.

Eugene: Why do people not think about eyebrows?

Dr. Cuite: I think that when they come to CEENTA, they're thinking about eyelids or eye surgeries, getting the eye open wider. And they forget that the brow is the frame of the eye, and these two structures synergize. They really are important together, peanut butter and jelly.

Marsha: Exactly.

Eugene: So it's the relationship between your eyes and your eyebrows?

Marsha: Absolutely, it could definitely be life-changing, a game changer as far as framing the face, really giving you a completely different overall look and enhancing your features, which is the great part.

Eugene: Well, tell me about your role as an esthetician.

Marsha: Sure, sure, so I work alongside Dr. Cuite, and we really synergize together. She'll be in for consultation, and I will go in and introduce myself, and we really work together to see what the client is, what their goal is and as far as like what we could do to help to, you know, guide them to that result and you know, come up with a good plan. And she and I, you know come up with a plan.

Dr. Cuite: So Marsha will suggest to the client one of several ways that she can improve the brow.

Marsha: Correct.

Eugene: Okay, well let's talk about one. Let's talk about microblading first because I know that is a big deal and people do a lot of microblading.

Marsha: Absolutely, so microblading is a form of tattooing. It's semi-permanent, which means I am using a tool and actually etching in what looks like - it mimics hair strokes. So I've had a lot of people actually blown away, and I'm very detailed and I'm very passionate.

Eugene: So it's like you're tattooing an eyebrow?

Marsha: Essentially yes, it is a form of tattooing, and as well as microblading. I do permanent makeup, which is using a machine that penetrates the dermis deeper, so we're getting a deeper penetration. A lot of times, the client will be nervous about microblading, so I have to educate them, and it's pretty much, I always say, it's the entryway into permanent makeup. Once you get the microblading, they always come back for the permanent makeup because they love their eyebrows, they want them forever.

Eugene: Are you involved in that?

Dr. Cuite: It isn't just about the brow itself, different clients eyes need different things added. So once a client has had the brow position corrected surgically or the lid skin fold corrected surgically or the eye opened appropriately, then Marsha can say, "And to put the lights on this Christmas tree," or you know, "Put the cherry on this sundae, let's talk about brow shape." Or sometimes Marsha will use the word symmetry. She'll be like, "Oh yeah, brow symmetry."

Marsha: Right.

Dr. Cuite: So your esthetician is going to help you determine what you need and help you choose the right technique.

Eugene: So is there any downtime? And what about sun exposure, all those type of things you have.

Marsha: Great questions, so I do go over everything in detail with a client. Down time, yes they're, you know, just like with anything, you're always going to have some down time. I would say little to none, a few days of down time with the microblading. And I give you post care instructions, I go over everything as well as Dr. Cuite to ensure that you get, you know, proper care.

Dr. Cuite: Because it is a medical facility in a surgical facility, Marsha's appointments are 90 minutes, as long as my surgery is, Marsha's clients go home with post-care medication, post care instructions. This is aesthetics but in a medical area.

Eugene: So that's why it's so important to have a licensed esthetician or a doctor to go ahead to administer these procedures?

Dr. Cuite: Yes we believe it.

Eugene: Yeah, because I don't want somebody just willy-nilly, just poking on my eyebrows just because they do good makeup.

Marsha: Anytime you're breaking the skin, you can run into, you know, trouble and infection. And we always ensure that we are up to guidelines and standards, sanitized, sanitary, everything is sterile. And we make sure that everything is completely safe.

Eugene: So how can people get in touch with you guys?

Dr. Cuite: Great question. www.ceenta.com, c-e-e-n-t-a.com. And I'm on Instagram @drcuite.

Eugene: Thank you for educating me because it's the entire face and it all goes together.

Marsha: And if you ever need your eyebrows done, you know where to come.

Eugene: Are my eyebrows alright?

Marsha: They're on point, they look really good.

Dr. Cuite: Alright, thank you very much for having us!


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