Katie Anderson is an audiologist who has a healthcare career at CEENTA

You might not realize how vital your hearing is until it’s affected. When the world begins to sound muffled, the right specialist can give your hearing the boost you need. Today, the career spotlight for CEENTA is: Audiologist.

What is an audiologist?

Audiologists are professionals in healthcare who evaluate, diagnose, and treat numerous hearing and balance disorders. They are experts in the auditory system and can provide the proper consultation on how to treat and manage hearing loss.

What does an audiologist do?

As an audiologist, your day-to-day routine may include providing hearing and balance tests to patients. For those who have significant hearing loss, you may also evaluate and fit patients for hearing aids as well as examine, clean, and reprogram these devices. Katie Anderson, AuD, CCC-A, an audiologist at our SouthPark office, sums up the expectations of her role, “I help patients reach their full communication potential.”

What are the job requirements for a CEENTA audiologist?

To be an audiologist at CEENTA, you must have your masters in audiology, the accompanying clinical experience, and licensure in North and/or South Carolina. The following are preferred for this role:

  • Doctorate in Audiology (or AuD)
  • ASHA Clinical Competency Certification

Who would be a good fit for an audiologist job at CEENTA?

The best candidates for our audiology position are those who thrive in a problem-solving setting, especially one as unique as healthcare that requires constant adaptation. However, this position is not just knowledge-based, it is also one surrounded in empathy. Audiologists at CEENTA understand that hearing disruptions at any level can stifle someone’s daily schedule, and provide what Katie Anderson describes as “services in a caring and compassionate manner.”

Why should someone start their audiology career at CEENTA?

When you work in the audiology department at CEENTA, you are surrounded by a team of award-winning experts with the talent and resources to treat many hearing and balance dilemmas. For Katie Anderson, she enjoys collaborating with professionals who have fostered an environment of excellent hearing care. “At CEENTA specifically, there is a very diverse patient population, and you get to work as a team with many other great, kind, caring audiologists.”

If you have a passion for treating hearing disorders with others who share your goal, start your career with CEENTA! Explore our Careers page for more information about our extensive benefits and apply for our audiology positions today.


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