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It’s finally happened. You’re going to have a baby, and you’re so excited. But while you were prepared for the morning sickness and other discomforts of being pregnant, you didn’t expect to have a hard time hearing, too. Is this an odd coincidence, or has getting pregnant caused hearing loss?

What signs should I watch out for?

First, let us reassure you that hearing loss is a somewhat common issue during pregnancy. You may also experience tinnitus, vertigo and other balance issues, a feeling of fullness in the ears, and secretions from the ears. If you do experience these symptoms, let your doctor know.

Otosclerosis and pregnancy

Some people have otosclerosis, a condition where the bones in the middle ear – the hammer, anvil, and stirrup – have grown abnormally. Usually, these bones vibrate and stimulate tiny hairs in the cochlea, which transmit sound waves up the auditory nerve and into the brain. However, when someone has otosclerosis, those three bones are too big to move properly, and that lack of proper vibration can lead to hearing loss.

Typically, otosclerosis affects Caucasian women between the ages of 15 and 45, although many women will see symptoms while in their early 20s. While pregnancy doesn’t cause otosclerosis, hormonal changes can exacerbate the condition, CEENTA Audiologist Allie Tighe, AuD, said.

While it rarely leads to complete deafness, women with this condition might want to consider hearing aids, or even a surgical procedure called a stapedectomy. Your doctor will address your particular needs during your appointment.

Other ways hormones affect hearing

Hormonal changes can also affect the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. These changes can affect circulation, which can affect cochlear fluid, which can then result in hearing loss.

In rare cases, expectant mothers can experience sudden sensorineural hearing loss. In these instances, these women experience sudden deafness. This is a medical emergency and any mothers who experience it should seek medical attention immediately.

How is pregnancy-related hearing loss treated?

Because each case is different, and out of caution for your unborn baby’s health, your doctor will consider the type and severity of your hearing loss before determining a treatment plan.

Many people are going to offer you their congratulations when they learn you’re pregnant, and we want to make sure you hear all of them. If you have any hearing issues, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at CEENTA.

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your physician. If you would like to make an appointment with an audiologist in our North or South Carolina offices, call 704-295-3300.


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March 17, 2021

During my 8th month of pregnancy i suddenly loss hearing in my one ear.Will it goes after delivery naturally or i have to take some treatment. Iam from India.
- Priyanka

March 17, 2021

Good morning. We recommend visiting your doctor, as we cannot diagnose individual patients without seeing them.
Reply From: CEENTA

February 01, 2021

Can a pregnant women suffer from sudden on set of tinnitus . I'm 15 weeks pregnant and have congestion issues also
- Nicky

February 02, 2021

Good morning. Sudden onset tinnitus does require a hearing evaluation as there can be many causes. The most common causes can be harmless, but we cannot rule out more serious contributing factors without an exam and hearing test. I would advise any patient that has a sudden change in hearing or tinnitus to schedule an appointment to be evaluated. If you live in the Charlotte region and would like an appointment, please call 704-295-3300. Thank you.
Reply From: CEENTA

January 26, 2021

Although we know that a mom can loose her hearing in one ear during pregnancy, can it also affect the unborn child? Also, after the birth, and the baby is 3 months old and the mom has not regained her hearing, what do you recommend for the next steps?
- Veronica Richards

January 27, 2021

Good morning. It is difficult to give advice in this situation without diagnostic information and a more detailed case history. It would be best if you were to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive hearing evaluation. If you live in the Charlotte, NC, region and would like an appointment at CEENTA, please call 704-295-3000.
Reply From: CEENTA

April 07, 2020

Dear Sir, I am in 8th month of pregnancy.since 7th month I am having right ear fullness and re sound in the right ear.when it will be cleared.please help me.
- Sristu.Sandhyarani

April 07, 2020

Good morning. Since we cannot diagnose individual cases over the Internet, we recommend making an appointment with your doctor.
Reply From: CEENTA

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