Three patients of Dr. Adrian Elfersy who each had glaucoma

Families often come to CEENTA seeking eye and ENT care, and sometimes that means seeing the same physician. But every once in a while, a family comes to our offices to see the same doctor for the same condition.

Meet Bonita, her mother Bonnie, and her grandmother Florence. All three women have glaucoma, an eye disease of the optic nerve that can cause vision loss over time.

Florence's Glaucoma Care 

Florence, currently 91 years old, was previously diagnosed with the condition prior to seeing CEENTA ophthalmologist Adrian Elfersy, MD. With the Concord office just a few miles from her home, she began to visit Dr. Elfersy for her glaucoma care.

"From the first time I met Dr. Elfersy, I thought he was a really good doctor," Florence remarked. "He took a special interest in my vision and just as important, he seemed to actually care about me." Florence would later receive laser surgery from Dr. Elfersy to reduce pressure brought on by her glaucoma.

Bonnie's Glaucoma Care

Bonnie, 73, was already a patient of Dr. Elfersy, and upon her mother's diagnosis was also tested for glaucoma. After finding out that she also had the eye disease, Bonnie began to see Dr. Elfersy more extensively for her own care and treatment. "As he explained, early detection is important. I am glad that Dr. Elfersy takes the condition seriously and gives thorough examinations," Bonnie said. Among her favorite qualities about Dr. Elfersy were his "knowledge, comforting tone, and professionalism."

Bonita's Glaucoma Care

With both her mother and grandmother diagnosed with glaucoma, Bonita was eventually tested and diagnosed with the same condition. A patient of Dr. Elfersy's since 2019, Bonita, now 52, started her treatment regimen with the same physician who was familiar with her family. "Dr. Elfersy always explains the visual tests, the medications (eye drops), procedures that need to be performed to preserve my vision," Bonita explained. "He reassured me that I will protect from more vision loss if I continue with regular appointments and follow his medication regimen." When she was diagnosed with cataracts, she was referred to another CEENTA physician by Dr. Elfersy to perform the surgery.

Their Thoughts on CEENTA

When asked about their care at CEENTA, all three women enjoyed "the exceptional care, and the team members from the check-in to the optical office and the examination rooms are professional and always considerate.”

Bonnie reflected on all of their experiences with glaucoma by saying, "None of us are happy with our glaucoma diagnosis; however, we are thankful to have a specialist in our area to advise us and provide appropriate treatment to preserve our vision. We trust Dr. Elfersy, his expertise, his team, and his genuine interest in his patients."

Patients in the Concord and Salisbury regions can schedule their next glaucoma consultation with Dr. Elfersy by visiting ceenta.com/appointments or by calling 704-295-3000.

This blog is for informational purposes only. For specific medical questions, please consult your doctor. If you need an appointment with an eye doctor in one of our North or South Carolina locations, you can schedule appointment online or through myCEENTAchart.


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