A few years ago, we covered a group of actors, athletes, and singers who were known for wearing hearing aids or having hearing loss in general. As the stigma of wearing hearing devices continues to decline, we’ve assembled another list of well-known individuals who you may or may not recognize.

Olivia Rodrigo

As one of the newest pop stars to hit the charts, Olivia Rodrigo revealed two hearing-related conditions in previous interviews. During her initial press tour in 2021, the singer and former Disney actor revealed that she is half-deaf in her left ear. Later interviews indicated that she has synesthesia, a neurological condition where she sees unique colors whenever she listens to songs.

Millie Bobby Brown

Known for the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown was born with partial deafness in one of her ears that eventually transitioned to full deafness over time. She treats her unilateral hearing loss with a Phonak rechargeable hearing aid, which has allowed her to continue her acting career without interruption.

Stephen Colbert

This renowned talk show host and comedian has suffered from hearing loss in his right ear since childhood. Colbert’s condition stemmed from surgery to remove a tumor from his ear, but he has not been shy about treating his hearing loss with a hearing aid.

Adam Savage

If you were a fan of Mythbusters, you might recall Adam Savage being part of a dynamic duo of scientists looking to find the truth in common myths. Did you know that Savage also has hearing loss in both ears and has used Widex hearing aids to treat it?

Tamika Catchings

Playing for the WNBA’s Indiana Fever for nearly twenty years, Tamika Catchings was a phenomenal player on the court despite dealing with her own bouts of congenital hearing loss. Despite refusing to wear her hearing aids since the 3rd grade, Catchings learned to embrace her hearing-impaired status as she donned them before the 1998 regular season.

Everyone with hearing loss, no matter their hobby or talent, can benefit from a proper set of hearing aids. That’s why CEENTA takes time with each patient as they consult with our ENT physicians and audiologists to ensure that what they wear will be their ticket to smoother sound. Start your hearing journey today by calling 704-295-3300.

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