2011 - This was the year this picture was captured of my two precious boys! Drew, now 11, and Dylan, now 7, are healthy and happy boys! We are so grateful for CEENTA and Dr. Puri for the care and surgeries performed for both of these boys that following year! Drew had his tonsils and adenoids out, while Dylan had a set of tubes put in (actually 2 sets over a 2 year period). What makes us so grateful for these everyday, normal type of surgeries? Well, the year this picture was taken, Dylan had many ear infections before he turned 1, which led to many antibiotics, which led to a gut disease that hospitalized him for a week, that scared us to pieces. Since his two sets of tubes and surgery by Dr. Puri, he has yet to have been on any antibiotics since and has been a very healthy boy (we thank God). As for Drew, that year and and previous toddler years to follow, had many strep infections and was treated constantly for strep with antibiotics, he too, was hospitalized for too many antibiotics as a toddler that led to the same gut disease (called C-Diff). Dr. Puri then removed his tonsils and adenoids when he was 5, and luckily and by the grace of God, he too is a healthy and happy child now, and rarely has rarely had antibiotics since then. As of today, we still see Dr. Puri as needed for allergies and nosebleed cauterizations, and even I have been to see him. We can actually say he is our family ENT. He knows us well, treats us well, and we were blessed he took such good care of my family. Thank you Dr. Puri and CEENTA for all you do to care for our family and others, our family is a great example of what amazing care you provide, and for that we are grateful, thankful, and blessed!



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