Dr. Patel saved my life.

I had a black film covering left eye. It came with no warning. Once in a while, a shadow would move across my eye and when it was done my vision was completely black.

My wife needed a checkup, too, so she called CEENTA and they got us right in. I’m glad they did. After my exam, Dr. Patel told me to go to the hospital right away for an MRI and bloodwork. I went for the MRI and they put me in the hospital right then because I was in danger of having a stroke. The young man who saw me said the artery on the side of my neck was 90 percent blocked, so they transported me to the hospital in Charlotte.

A few days later, my chest started hurting. They did more tests and said I was having a heart attack. They put two stents in there, since that valve was 95 percent blocked. I went home a few days later and everything’s been good ever since.



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