Dr. Cuite and Marsha Magasrevy discussing fall skincare tips

CEENTA oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Catherine Cuite and Licensed Esthetician Marsha Magasrevy appeared on WSOC's Daily Two on August 17, 2022, to discuss fall skincare tips and adjustments. Learn more about featured skincare products at CEENTA and schedule an appointment with Dr. Cuite at our SouthPark office today.

Transcript of the Interview:

Laura Palka: The Daily Two is brought to you by Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat Associates. Summer is coming to an end, and that means cooler weather and sometimes changes to your skin. Joining us today is Dr. Catherine Cuite and her esthetician, Marsha. Thanks for being here. How does our skin react to the cool fall weather?

Dr. Catherine Cuite: Skin is going to be drier. The air is drier, and skin is going to be drier.

Marsha Magasrevy: Absolutely, and that's why it's a great time to come in and definitely come in for a consultation. And we want you to certainly mix up your skincare regimen. Our skin changes at all times, and that's really important. I think that's a big takeaway.

Laura: Yeah. We get stuck in our routines.

Marsha: Absolutely.

Laura: And you said it's still important to hydrate even though it's oily?

Dr. Cuite: Right. So, the skin can react to the cool weather by overproducing oil. We still need to draw the water in. So using a hyaluronic acid-based product is great.

Marsha: Layering.

Dr. Cuite: Layering is great. Marsha often reminds people to apply the moisturizer right after you get out of the shower, hold that water in. The moisture is going to hold in the content, and the hyaluronic is going to bring that water.

Laura: Talk about how you two synergize and work together in the South Park office.

Dr. Cuite: Sure. Well, if I see a client who's interested in an aesthetic procedure and their skin isn't on point, they're not going to heal as well. Right. The result isn't going to be what they want. So by collaborating and synergizing with a licensed esthetician, they can get great skin.

Marsha: I think we both have the same vision and ultimately want the very best for the client. So I think that's the biggest part of it. We understand the ultimate goal.

Laura: Real quickly. Any product you're loving this fall that we need to have in our shelf

Marsha: SkinMedica’s HA5, I think it's a fantastic product. I think that's nonnegotiable, in my opinion.

Laura: Alright, well, thank you so much, so much for coming in. We really appreciate it. I’m going to go look that product up, and if you'd like more information, you can go to WeJustMakeSense.com or call the number on your screen for an appointment. For the Daily Two, I'm Laura. Palka.


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